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#1 2020-10-15 11:58:40

Admin(John) has requested a debug log

Ah, I've requested a debug file! thanks for sticking with this.

Workout the quickest way to reproduce the problem and only run the application for the time it takes to do so.

At this point, please start the application by running './VIDIFOLD 1' from the command line and attempt to reproduce the problem, during this run it should generate a plain text log file (VIDIFOLD-logfile) in the same directory.

1: The file gets very big very quickly, its a very messy (not really for everyday use) debug so don't do this unless you have to.

2: You can check the contents if your worried it might leak some information you don't want to.

3: Please send it to, please don't post it here.

This will hopefully help me see what might be happening.

Many thanks.


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