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#1 2020-09-21 20:48:54

Whats up with aspect ratios? quality?

I'm afraid it doesn't respect aspect ratios at this time. The application was written/evolved to be for fun. The goal was for speed and jazz, not to be professional or pixel perfect. The internals re-scale the sources for speed and easier FX pipe-lining, than re-scales back up only at the final output. If your output is at the same aspect of the video source then you probably wont notice anything. Further more, video sources default to importing as JPEG frames so you can also lose some definition at that stage. Although, its now possible to import PNG sequences, but these take nearly twice as much processing power to handle. This is not a video editor or a high end video mixer application, its more of a video keyboard.

I've hardly ever regretted this decision due to the overall speed and play around ability of the application and few people notice the difference.

I may revisit this in the future (pro version?) but not at this time. Have look and decide for yourself.


#2 2021-02-28 16:44:40

Re: Whats up with aspect ratios? quality?

This has been updated in v0.24.12 and videos/images/feeds have aspect options.


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