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#1 2020-10-04 10:23:37

Can I safely switch between versions?

Georg asked: is there a risk of compromising the saved state or the converted videos?

Hope not, I spend quite a lot of effort to not lose setups and data. The library I use is the same one I gig with and started in 2012. The worst thing that generally happens is a plugin update makes a previous saved setup unusable/crashes. But nowadays I tend to be more careful when updating plugins, and I've recently added migration code in plugin updates.

Although saying that, don't go backwards on a version, unless you have made a copy the database first, I've not written reversible schema updates.

Safer: backup up the database 'VIDIFOLD-DB' before switching versions (and use that copy if you have to switch back)

Ultra safe: back up the VIDIFOLD folder before switching versions. (not very practical for a large library)


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