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#1 2020-09-17 15:28:02

Will it run on another Linux Distro?

I'm not checking if this currently works on any other OS distributions, although some people have success. In case it does, you need certain libraries installed by default, these should be detected missing and listed on the splash screen for you to install via your package manager.

The deployment is not polished yet, therefore for reference, as well as ffmpeg,  VIDIFOLD relies on the following libraries: sqlite3, libfreetype, libpng, libjpeg.

I need to perform some research into application deployment options, if you have any pointers please drop us an email, it would be gratefully received.


#2 2022-08-24 13:28:38

Re: Will it run on another Linux Distro?

Additional notes:

It's possible to bypass start up checks, but it MAY only partially work, if at all. You run the program from the command line with:

./vidifold 2

If it doesn't work you could also run it in debug mode and send over the debug file with this command.

./vidifold 1

this will create a VIDIFOLD-logfile in the same folder as the executable.


1: this is a plain text file, so you can review what it contains before sending it over.
2: this grows very large very quickly, but shouldn't be a problem for you as its not getting very far.
3: this is not definitive or user friendly and please don't post it here

It may tell us where its stalling.


#3 2022-08-24 13:34:28

Re: Will it run on another Linux Distro?

The application also calls number of system commands (might not be the best way to do some things but allowed me to get the job done)

It has come to my attention that some distributions will not have all these available. So for completeness, here's a list of the commands it currently calls.

mv, cp, mkdir, touch, rm, cat, df, du, ls, file, dpkg-query, ffmpeg, ffprobe


#4 2022-08-26 11:34:59

Re: Will it run on another Linux Distro?

Recently Djoma pointed out that it also requires this font in the correct location (attempting to run on ArchLinux)


I've also added these details into a help which can now be printed via

./VIDIFOLD --help


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