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#1 2020-10-28 19:10:46

Can't restore Bus B in 0.23.7

Hi John,

just after switching to 0.23.7, I lost the (only) clip on rack B, autosave on exit and restore were active in 0.23.6 and also in 0.23.7.
Bus A was restored successfully. The preview icon for "Startup Patch: Bus B" shows the clip and correctly lists the plugins, but I can't load it in either bus (I click load to B, dialog closes, but the clip is not there).
I cloned and renamed the patch to save my clip, but I also can't load the cloned patch.
The clip contains three plugins including SuperSpot and since this plugin is still not saved as standalone clip, perhaps there is a problem restoring it?
After closing vidifold and reopening it, the clip is no longer contained in the startup patch.
Unsuccessfully trying to load my cloned patch does not generate errors on the console.

Testing a simple clip without any plugins shows that nothing can be restored to Bus B. But in this simple case, the patch could be loaded to Bus A and in the same moment, it also showed up in B (but after restart, it is gone again and the trick does not work again).

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#2 2020-10-30 18:14:04

Re: Can't restore Bus B in 0.23.7

The patch thumbnail is just that an image, not a live or valid preview. As you may of guessed, the more important thing is the list of slot setups in the details dialog.

1. you have a patch that seems to list the expected slot setups
2. it wont load into bus B ?
3. can load it into bus A, but its also loaded into bus B ?

this feels like you have found 2 bugs which are interacting, I'll see if I can reproduce something like this


#3 2020-10-31 12:04:13

Re: Can't restore Bus B in 0.23.7


2. cant load into Bus B
3. also seen this now

I must have broken this recently...something quite fishy going on in there at the moment... chasing now


#4 2020-10-31 18:02:13

Re: Can't restore Bus B in 0.23.7

That was a nasty one to track down, out of array range causing memory corruption. patch loading fixed in v0.23.8


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